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The top things to do in Madrid

The best things to do in Madrid, tips for getting the most out of your holidays. How to combine sightseeing with relaxation and get the most out of your time in Madrid. The activities and experiences that are the best things in tourism in Madrid.

What to do in Madrid: The best attractions, activities and experiences for the perfect holiday.


As experts in Madrid Tours, tourists frequently ask us what the best things are to do in Madrid. Whether that be museums and art galleries, tours, activities and excursions or simply restaurants and bars, We Madrid have carefully curated a range of experiences to help travellers get the most out of their holidays.

A great way to see all of the top things in the city is through our Madrid 360º experience – a one-of-a-kind tour which explores Madrid from 3 different perspectives – land, air and parks. The land is experienced with a eBike tour through Madrid’s historical center, stopping wherever the group wants, including in Madrid’s best photo spots. The air with a cable car giving a bird’s eye view of the city; and the Parks of Madrid. Of course, beyond what there is to see and do, one of the top things in Madrid is to experience what there is to eat! To allow tourists and travellers to enjoy the best of this, We Madrid have created a foodie’s paradise food tour taking in the famous San Miguel market, three delicious tapas and a tasting of ham and local wines. For those looking for something even yet more specialised, our gourmet tapas tour offers the opportunity to taste the very very best of local and Iberian cuisine – premium cuts of Jamon; Spanish tapas served alongside wine; and freshly caught fish specially matched with the finest wines. If you want to combine a different experience representing the Basque Country from the North of Spain, join our Flamenco and Pintxos tour where you will get to enjoy a different type evening that will take you from the southern flavours to the northern tastes of these small bites as part of a delicious foodie experience. Finally, many tourists want to see what there is to do outside of Madrid – something that We Madrid cater for with a range of activities from Toledo; to a tour to Segovia; countryside visits and horse riding. Our private experiences can be tailored specifically to your needs and interests. We take each guest’s requirements into account, from couple and families, to friends and university groups, to corporate events.

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